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back in a few minutes. we will send it down to sarah in notion city. >> -- ocean city. >> it it really is a beautiful evening, a lot of people are outside this evening. the water is relatively calm. the biggest concerns they have right now are flooding and beach erosion. they tell me there is an emergency plan in place. officials are watching the storm's track. they're expecting some flooding, so there are high water markers in place. otherwise, they're not many sandbags out. the city is relatively busy. officials are meeting regularly to evaluate the track. >> we are in the beginning stages of making sure that we have lists items put away. -- loose items put away. just trying to get ahead of things. we are in the prepared this mode, the information of mud. -- mode. >> the mayor is not expecting to see evacuation's this weekend. most of the visitors to ocean city will be leaving by late sunday, sunday afternoon anyway. as far as residents, at that point, they will most likely be asked to stay inside. >> it does not even look like an evacuation city for ocean city. the worst part of the
. >> we have late breaking news out of new york city. police have arrested a man they say was plotting to blow up the federal reserve building. suspect quazi mohammad rezwanul ahsan nafis has been arrested after an investigation by the fbi and nypd. he tried to detonate material outside the world trade center. his associates were undercover officers. stay tuned for any late breaking developments. we also have late breaking developments from the trial of two police officers accused of beating and university of maryland student. as we understand, the judge has dismissed all but the most serious charge of assault. lowell melser has more. >> the defense attorneys were able to get the judge to drop the most serious charge of first-degree assault, this as one of the two officers took the stand in his own defense. >> the judge did dismiss the most serious charge, yes. no further comment. we are still in trout. >> the lawyers react after the -- we're still in trial. lawyers reacts. james harrison and reginald baker are accused of beating student john mckenna. baker, a former marine and special
. there was severe damage done to the ocean city fishing pier. >> we heard about how bad it was going to be and i guess we were lucky not to get it as bad as other places. it is just weird, looking at it. there is sand where san should not be. >> there was a lot of flooding. we looked out on the boardwalk, where city crews were assessing the damage. mostly sand and debris, and after the rumors were confirmed, a portion of the fishing pier was washed away. you can see the pylon's less standing in the water. we headed up coastal highway where there was evidence of extensive flooding on the bayside. some water still standing and other areas where it had washed back, debris was everywhere. utility crews got a jump early, but according to del mar representative power, there are no reported outages in ocean city. when damage was everywhere you look, from signs blown out, a construction signed in dover, and a son of a hotel completely blown off. beach erosion was expensive, too. the 9-13 foot waves eroded away a good portion of the dune system of the city that was put in place to protect properties. mor
? >> right now, the baltimore city health committee is meeting to discuss changing the way it inspects food facilities by assigning grades that would be in full view of patrons. lowell melser joins us with more on that. >> you may have seen in places like los angeles where you walk into an establishment and there is a sign there that tells you how clean the establishment is you are walking into. now baltimore city, there is a council that once to bring the idea here. the lunch rush is in full swing. not much has changed since the owner's family of any place in the late 1940's. when asked about a new proposal to assign grades concerning health inspections, he told us why change a system that already works? >> the health department does their job. is the place should be closed down, it is close down. i do not see what the grades really mean in reality. >> the bottom line is the citizens deserve to know the conditions of the places where they eat the thing right now, they cannot do that. >> the idea comes from councilmen -- cancel man -- councilman ran and scott. he got the idea from restauran
to riouring the devastation. in many areas city streets are still rivers, cars useless, boats and kayaks the only way to get around. support is slowly moving in. this caravan providing help and hope to those stranded over the bridge in seaside heights, new jersey. many who lived through the storm are still struggling to -- struggling to survive. >> we are staying with friends and family. that does not last for long. we're running out of food and everything. >> in new york city the subways are still under water. >> more than 100 home swallowed by flames. in the strike zone of beginning a difficult recovery and clinging tight to anything at sandy left behind. >> millions are still waiting for the opportunity. dozens of communities are still on lockdown tonight. >> thank you. unbelievable video. in the meantime, two days after of the wrath, sandy is still claiming lives here in maryland. a man has been killed by a falling tree in annapolis. this have been around 1:00 this afternoon. we are told the man was doing work for a contracting company when it fell on him. police say they are unknown
. >> this may look like you are out in the country, but it's a city and you have to take precautions. >> police are asking neighbors to be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious. >> we have breaking news right now out of baltimore county where police say a young boy and women have been hit by a car. captain roy taylor is over the scene with a late breaking details. >> the 700 block of main street near baugh's league. police are still on the scene investigating. we have some video to show you what it looked like when we first arrived. there was a woman and small child in the street being attended to by paramedics. the problem is they have shut down both fast lane northbound and southbound as police investigate the accident. we did see emetic leave and go to the hospital but we do not know the severity of the injuries. >> thank you. tonight, officials at notre, md. are increasing security patrols as police tried to track down a man behind a campus sexual assault. you saw the story first last night at 11:00. police say the victim was leaving the library at 3:00 in the morning when an unknow
. it tends to take on water like downtown ocean city. we have a lot of people responding. people are being evacuated from those homes to a shelter because the ground floor is filled up with water. questions? >> [indiscernible] >> the height of the storm hitting at night, any special concerns. i think we are more likely to be indoors. i think that is good. we cannot go out to repair anything whether the power is knocked out at night or in the middle of the day. the key factor that determines if we can send utility crews is the wind. this is a night to hunker down and be mindful of the dangerous conditions we are under. >> governor, do we have all the assets in place we need. do we still need additional help? do we not know yet? >> we brought in assets anticipating we would receive a direct hit. hoping we would not, but bringing in assets to prepare for a direct hit. the question is if we have enough assets. we certainly have more than i can remember us having. we have a lot of swift water rescue boats thanks to the president's swift signing of the declaration and rapid mobilization of fema.
. >> meanwhile, three more city firefighters are recovering from injuries they sustained from this fire. this is what the home looks like now in southeast baltimore. we're told all the firefighters are in stable condition, dealing with burns to hands and faces. the fire broke out in the basement of the home. no word on what started the fire. >> and an investigation into a fire in edgewood. is broke out along the 200 block of canard avenue. crews were able to rescue the one person inside that building. no word on their condition tonight. investigators are searching for a cause and an origin. meanwhile, investigators do know the cause of the fire that raged through this church in potomac heights. someone poured accelerants and lit it. by the time firefighters arrived, the flames had burned themselves out. investigators are searching for clues and the arsonists behind it. >> clarence mitchell ii has died. we have more on his life and legacy. >> clarence mitchell iii died early this morning after a long battle with cancer. >> he was a state delegate, then elected to the maryland senate and
is a frost and freeze advisory in effect tomorrow for the first time this season. spots away from the city and away from the water, we may draw near 30-32 degrees. sunny and cool conditions expected for tomorrow. it forecast for the rest of the weekend and the running-fast coming up. >> in other news tonight, baltimore city police say what started as a shooting investigation is now a homicide investigation. detectives say he was carrying groceries and walking into my home on north charles street when someone came up from behind and shot him multiple times just before 5:30 yesterday evening. we're still unclear if the incident was ran the more targeted. life in prison without parole is the sentence for the two men accused of killing a teenager last holiday season. they were found guilty last month of plotting to kill them and they are allegedly members of the black guerrilla family gang and it's believed the two orchestrated a hit and the accused triggerman has yet to go to trial. >> the investigation continues into a deadly fire rep bring -- ripping through a home. >> could the tragedy hav
to win. >> it will be great for the city, the restaurants, bars. >> over at the harbor place hotel, a friday when will mean a huge boom in business has traditionally yankees fans come to baltimore in droves. >> the new york fans are very supportive. they're famous for coming to baltimore for the games. we're looking forward to that demand, if that happens, comes saturday. >> and there is the beer. more than 160 employees are waiting with bated breath. not only do they supply beer to area bars and restaurants, but they have a very important client vital to this sunday and monday game. >> it is our big night with 50,000 people down there. >> a ton of beer ready to go to the orioles win, but unfortunately, all they can do is wait. >> we are getting tons of calls. i want the bier, i don't want a beer. it will going day by day, hour by hour. >> other businesses and fans will anxiously way, too. as you can imagine, the city is also hoping that the orioles win friday night because they have more tourists coming into town at the issue more parking tickets, speeding tickets, and red light c
. >> the man accused of secretly videotaping to women inside their ellicott city home will not be granted bail as police continue their investigation. michael mckinney was picked up hours after this video was released to 11 news. he is accused of setting up a video camera inside the condominium and keeping it there for several months. a judge decided to revoke his bail. >> a major baltimore landmark is being sold again. harborplace, baltimore's main tourist attraction, is being acquired by a new york firm. jayne miller joins us live from the newsroom with more details on the story. >> not in its 32nd year, harborplace is undergoing big changes from its all local retell character that it started with. the sale will likely continue that transition to a retail center with nationally known brands. harborplace has been owned by the same company since 2004. that is being sold to a firm from new york. general growth began bit more of a mall feel with big national retailers and restaurant operators. the new owner has brought other urban retailers. on its website, the firm says it looks for properties
york city might have a shower. that front crosses through the region in the evening. when the yankees and orioles are playing, there is a slight chance for shower or sprinkle and moves out. sunshine returns up and down the eastern seaboard. a beautiful fall day around here. another frontal boundary slides through and that should clear things up. we will get around 70 degrees. sun and clouds mixed after the morning fog burns off and west wind at age 15. the forecast for the bronx tomorrow evening is a 20% chance of a light shower. 62 degrees, milder in new york than the weather they have to play here. the west wind at 11 miles per hour. as the evening wears on, partly cloudy in the west wind at 13. look for southwest breeze. waves around 1 foot. temperatures are 69 at the harbor. a chance for shower tomorrow. that front is coming in from the west. it will dry out coming our way. sunny skies on thursday in cooler. on the eastern shore, a slight chance were sprinkles tomorrow. we should be cloudy. ocean city latino were some good weather after some fog burns off tomorrow morning. but som
inside their home in ellicott city for the past four months. they have the video footage to prove it. authorities are now reviewing the video, which captures the unidentified man setting up his camera in the bedroom of two women in their 20s. it is unclear how he got into the home, but you can see him re-entering the location multiple times to move the camera to other parts of the condo like the bathroom and the other victims bedroom. detectives were alerted to the situation. the recordings can be traced back to june. authorities are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the video to contact them. he can face a number of charges including breaking and entering and videotaping a person without their consent. >> a violation of privacy. mta is now recording conversations between bus drivers and passengers in an effort to crack down on crime. the agency says the number will expand to half its fleet by next summer. the video cameras already exist on all the buses but they don't have the ability to record audio as well. members of the aclu are raising a red flag that people should not ha
with such force it was pushed up against an office building. city police are continuing their investigation. two people were shot while waiting in line at a downtown nightclub. the latest incident happened around 1:00 yesterday morning along the 400 block of west baltimore street and just across from the hippodrome theater. an armed men opened fire on two victims, causing other patrons to scatter. one of the victims as listed in critical condition and the others condition is unknown tonight. police say the shooter remains at large. >> authorities in college park or searching for gunman who robbed a university of maryland students while he looked for a job near campus. happened around 9:30 last night on talbert road. he was running with other students when an armed man demanded the handover whatever they had. no one was injured in the attack. prince george's county police are now handling the investigation. testimony continued in the trial of two prince george's county police officers accused of beating a college park student. the attack was caught on a self on camera. barry simms is live with th
. >> it is really scary, living in a city, in a row home environment, it does not impact just one person, it is multiple families and homes. it is scary. you just want people to be safe. >> free families have been displaced by the fire. the red cross came to the scene to help them find a temporary place to stay. >> of family in harford county is looking for another place to stay tonight after a fire gutted their home in the middle of the night. fire crews were called to the scene around 3:30 this morning. everyone made it out okay. you can see the damage to the home, everything inside the home -- it is expensive. because of the fire is still under investigation. >> the school bus crash sent three people to the hospital this morning in pikesville. police say the bus driver and an adult passenger taken to the hospital. no children were on board the bus at the time. the driver of the car was not hurt. >> following the worst ravens loss in a number of seasons, the ravens get a full week to rest and recover from that blowout loss against the texan just today. a look back at a rough sunday aft
from baltimore city. police have arrested a 16-year- old teen for bringing an unloaded gun to school. the student has been charged by the school and city police as a result. we will have more on the story as soon as we gather more information. >> police are patrolling the roland park neighborhood in full force as they search for three men behind two armed robberies and abductions. the first round to plot wednesday morning, a woman arriving home from work was forced into her car at gunpoint and ordered to withdraw money from an atm. 10 minutes later a 19-year-old on at a bicycle was targeted. he was eventually released unharmed. the police are looking for three men. the getaway car is described as a for-store dodge stratus. police in harford county are investigating an accident that killed three people earlier today. it happened on the 7500 block of route 1 this morning. police say a chevrolet impala was headed north on route 1 when it collapsed -- it collided with a tractor-trailer headed south. the crash shut down route 1 in both directions as police conducted their investigation. t
forever. >> they are going all the way. for moalet only good rale but for the city. >> we made it. >> it reeminds me of 1966. that is the kind of feeling we want. >> we will make it starting with this year. the mayor unveiled this banner. here's hoping the magic continues. some fans made it. >> a nice day around the region. sunshine breaking in. a line of clouds and sprinkles. a slight risk of a shower or sprinkle. 20% ofa the 60's and a a brief shower. more on the forecase ina few minutes. >> some late breaking details. after a plea agreement, she has been suspended from office. this is a legal opinion. the i-team has been following charges. payingwas found guilty of an employee from campaign money. an officer will not e charged in the death of a 13-year-old. this was found in his vehicle. this comes after sentencing ignited outrage. >> state prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty. attorneys are deciding disputes over evidence. some touoch words and it comes down one day ahead of a state audit. we are joined by tim tutan. >> the system was $58 million in the hole. ther
in the morning and afternoon. heaviest of the rainfall to the northwest of baltimore city for parts of howard, carol, baltimore, and harford counties. but looks like for our areas and isolated showers and thunderstorms on the eastern shore locations was some thunder moving north of cambridge. lighter showers and it looks like steady rain has moved out and we will deal with the possibility of some thicker overnight fog. temperatures cooling by just a few degrees may produce dense fog in areas. we will track down and see if there is any more rain in the seven-day forecast coming out. >> all this nasty weather made roads slick for much of the day leading to a number of accidents including one that landed a police officer in shock trauma. that happened a long 795 northbound in owings mills. the officer was on his motorcycle heading to a training facility in the rain when he drove over a metal strip and lost control colliding with a wall. the injuries are non-life threatening. before you get behind the wheel, check traffic can download our free smartphone app. see the insta-weather + forecast and
. the rest of the weekend looks nice. around ocean city and the beaches into the lower eastern shore, 70 tomorrow. 66 on sunday. lots of sunshine through the weekend. temperatures will be cool for a couple of days. this area will pass by. the chances of rain tomorrow minimal but there. lots of sun on monday. tuesday temperatures will begin to warm. toward the middle of next week, a highs in the 70's with a chance of showers. >> still ahead, it has been there in the skyline for decades. >> it is about to collapse. we will tell you why and what will happen to it when we come back. >> the national aquarium is happy to announce the birth of the baby sloth. the baby sloth. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, b
filed charges against an informant first. authorities refused to release his picture and city police refused to release the report of his arrest, usually a routine piece of public information. >> a police chase got a little too close for comfort the students and staff at a nearby elementary school when a neighbor spotted a burglar tried to break into the home. police were hot on his trail through the neighborhood and dangerously close to lakeshore elementary. school was about to dismiss for the day. officials decided to delay dismissal, until police gave them the all clear. the suspect has been arrested. >> it turns out of monday morning house fire was no accident. someone set fire to the house. we are joined live tonight with an interesting twist. >> the police tell us before the fire was set, the home was robbed, burglarized, i should say. they got away with a 2006 porsche of. they're hoping the automobile will lead them to the arsonists. firefighters monitor the smoldering remains of a home on monday morning, a fire that almost seriously injured a female firefighter that fell thro
or a date and a half. we will track that coming up in a little bit. >> city police confirmed they are investigating a stabbing on the campus of heritage high school. investigators tell us a male student sustained a stab wound to his upper body at the hands of another student around 10:45 this morning. a school nurse treated the victim. he is listed in stable condition. police are questioning a person of interest. a baltimore county firefighter is behind bars tonight charged with sexually abusing two young boys. police tell us they believe there are more victims. the 23-year-old is facing five charges stemming from incidents that took place between may and june of this year involving two 14-year-old boys. one of the victims contacted police last week. he is listed as an active volunteer with the volunteer fire department. the president of the department reports that they have suspended him. >> police are charging a teenager as an adult in connection with a shooting near securities or mall. the 17-year-old as been held without bail on charges of attempted first-degree murder. h
in baltimore city. you can go to any site in your county, but keep an eye out for a sample ballot that should be coming in the mail. >> the biggest hurdle election officials face when it comes to registration is motivation. >> people believe that if they vote by absentee it doesn't count or if they do a provisional ballot it doesn't count. i can let you know that all ballots are processed and if they are eligible and register to vote, they do count. >> you only need identification if it is your first time voting. >> as they continue to push their constituents to register to vote, the supreme court has agreed to review a federal appeals court ruling that blocked an arizona voting law. the 2012 law requires proof of citizenship in order to register to vote in federal elections. federal law allows voters to fill up a voter registration card and swear they are citizens. in the meantime, the law will remain suspended. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. a very costly ravens gain yesterday. head coach john harbaugh announced that boat ray lewis and lardarius webb both s
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